Mexican Independence Day Celebration 2016

As is customary in the Manchester Mexican Society, we will have an event the Mexican Independence Day and we invite everyone to join us for the 2016 celebration. The most important national holiday in Mexico, the “Grito de Independencia” party will be celebrated in Pancho’s Burritos Chester Street branch (M1 5QS) on Saturday, September 17th, 2016, starting at 9 pm.

It is the perfect day to wear the national green, white or red and bring flags, hats and above all, your national pride. FREE ENTRY, and free tequila shot on arrival.

Please RSVP on the official facebook event, – or just show up- and remember to like us at if you haven’t.

This event is hosted by the Manchester Mexican Society, jointly with the Student Committee of Latin American Postgraduate Program (SCLAPP) and Pancho’s Burritos.

We hope to see everyone there!

Football! And 2016 news of MMxS

Summer is coming to an end. Here at the Mexican Society we’re busy planning the 16th of September event. For the moment, our football team has been playing on a weekly basis. This post invites all Mexican culture lovers to join the Manchester Mexican Society team, Mexchester United, to play football during this time.

Mexchester United IMG-20160723-WA0020

If you want more information, you can contact us at or sending us a message to our facebook page,

England is the land of football! and football in Mexico is massively important as well, since we had a prehispanic ball game.

The friendly games against the Manchester Chilean Society are approaching! This is an exciting time for football at the Manchester Mexican Society!

Collaboration on tips on money as an international student

The Manchester Mexican Society has always been, since its foundation, closely related to students. We were approached by people from TransferGo, a company which allows for money to be sent from UK to Mexico in a swift and cheap manner, in order for us to give some financial advice for a blog article about what to expect regarding money when arriving to a new country.

The article is now ready and published at the blog of TransferGo, and not only was the Manchester Mexican Society featured, but a couple of other student societies around the United Kingdom as well. Since the number of Mexican students has exponentially increased in Manchester because of the EPS-CONACyT agreement in recent years, we consider these tips a must-read for any potential student for this program, who most likely found our website searching for information about Mexicans in Manchester.

The link for this article is right here.

We’d like to take the opportunity to remind our visitors that tomorrow, June 9th, 2016, our first event with the new committee will take place at CHILANGO MANCHESTER, at 7:00 pm. There is an event announcement in facebook right here.

Chilango Manchester and the MMxS have come to an agreement and all our members and visitors tomorrow will get 20% off. This discount will continue to any member that has our official membership. Get in touch with us at or pay your membership through the University of Manchester Student Union website (if you’re a student at the University of Manchester) to get it.



FAQ update! and, our new partner

Hello again! The 2016-2017 committee is hard at work trying to keep up with all the exciting new Mexican things happening all around town. The first dinner will happen on June 9th! Head over to our facebook page for the event details.

First of all, a very needed update was done to our FAQ section. This is in Spanish, but most queries the Society is receiving are about our recommendations for the process of admission towards the University of Manchester are regarding the transcripts translations. Most sections have been updated!

Secondly, it is our pleasure to announce that the 2016-2017 committe have secured new deals to get our members more discounts and bring Mexico a little bit closer. is an online specialty shop of Mexican products, was founded by two Mexican entrepreneurs who know how hard it is to get the taste of home in UK. Their products include authentic tortillas made with the Nixtamalization process, Mexican chillies, herbs, spices, moles, cactus, tomatillo and more. They even make tamales!!!!!!! Using a discount code specially created for Manchester Mexican Society members, our members can get 10% off any purchases.

Mexika_logo WEB

We are very happy to get more and more options to taste the goodness of Mexico in UK, and even more to be able to bring our members some discounts for it. Visit our friends of at their website.

Site update!

It had been a while since this site had an update. The Manchester Mexican Society has a new committee for 2016-2017 and this site has been updated as well. The main e-mail address for the Society remains

It is very important to mention that this committee will do its best to get close to the new student generations and be a support for new Mexicans in Manchester, as well as our normal members, which includes Mexicans who are not students, but live in UK. Fittingly, we have had a new logo designed for us, which features de Aztec God of Rain, Tláloc! Manchester, being a city where it rains all the time, is one of many domains for this Aztec God.

A bunch of activities are underway! Send us an e-mail or message on facebook in order to ask us anything or get involved with us.

Mexican society 2016 2017 13029436_1041461672608825_1594783824751244129_o

Thanks for the continued support to the Manchester Mexican Society and VIVA MÉXICO!

MMxS committee 2016-2017.